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Internationale Sommerakademie für Kammermusik

A Visual Identity by Chris Roemer and Tobias Wolf

Meine Reise mit dem Wanderkino

A Documentary by Julius Schmitt

Meine Reise mit dem Wanderkino

A Documentary by Julius Schmitt

Screen installed. Projector started. People are swarming to the field. 8 p.m.: The screening can begin. The travelling cinema is visiting the south of Burkina Faso.
The fascination of the moving image - in Germany, the travelling cinema has long been degenerate into a nostalgia. People are mobile, have the luxury of time and money to be entertained. This is still different in Burkina Faso.
Unterwegs mit dem Wanderkino is a personal road movie with a first-person narrator. Three protagonists, three versions with three different speakers in three different languages: German (Julius), French (Georges), Mooré (Nadége).

19 min / FullHD / 16:9 / Colour

Script, Directing, Production and D.o.P. Julius Schmitt

Editing Martin Mikosch

Sound Design and Mix William Amsler

Subtitles Naré Nadège Delwendé, Georges le Roi Tekou

CalCon Connects

A Commercial by Chris Roemer

Lukas Dreyer

A Website by Tobias Wolf

So hell die Nacht

A Documentary by Julius Schmitt

Nice Price

A Commercial by Chris Roemer


A Commercial by Chris Roemer

My Vinyl Love

A Commercial by Chris Roemer


A Short Film by Julius Schmitt and Chris Roemer

Madlen Tamm

A Website by Tobias Wolf

Menschen die nach oben starren

A Multimedia reportage by Julius Schmitt


An installation by Phillip Klein and Tobias Wolf

Christina Meißner

A Website by Tobias Wolf

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Chris Roemer


Profilfoto von Julius Schmitt

Julius Schmitt


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Tobias Wolf


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